SMS ConneXion® is the leading provider of comprehensive SMS gateway services offering intelligent, tailor-made solutions to harmonize industry messaging demands, globally.

SMS ConneXion®

SMS ConneXion® is a mobile messaging platform that offers a wide range of SMS products and two-way messaging solutions for the enterprise.

It provides mobile messaging with powerful enhancements.


Pay only for your SMS usage and empower yourself with free tools to send bulk SMS. Register now and get started in 2 mins. It's FREE !!!
Product Portfolio
  • GSM & Web gateway products
  • Multiple ways to send SMS i.e. GTalk, Email, Web ...
  • Developer API supporting all platforms.
  • Xapps: Plugins for SMS ConneXion®
  • Connectors: Integration modules for enterprise applications i.e CRM, ERP, HRM, SCM ...
The wide range of products and integration channels is OUR STRENGTH.
Platform Features

Supports sending and receiving of SMS. Create intelligent response systems using two-way communication channels.

12000 SMS / MINUTE
Supports a throughput of 12000 SMS per minute. It is the fastest way to reach a large audience instantly.

Our backup infrastructure, tie-ups with multiple telecom operators and 24 x 7 service monitoring ensure maximum service uptime.

SMS terminated to 800+ operators in 200+ countries around the globe.
Customer Speak

Planet M Retail Ltd now receives daily national sales revenue reports via SMS through Retail Pro Server integrated with SMS ConneXion®.

RDC Concrete improves their response time to sales inquiries resulting in increased sales. The Request a Sales Callback widget on the company website now notifies the sales team of new leads via SMS.

"The support engineer configured a two-way SMS solution to retrieve the current position of my trading customers within 15 minutes. The flexibility offered by SMS ConneXion is unequalled."
Anand Maliwal, Networth.
"We have always received a prompt solution for our messaging requirements from SMS ConneXion."
Amirali Rupani, Customer Centria.
"The integration team at SMS ConneXion have been very responsive to quickly integrate our telephony products with messaging capabilities."
Shanto Mittra, Nexsus Techno Solutions.
Magento Extension for SMS Alerts
With the Magento extension for SMS alerts, you can now configure SMS alerts for e-commerce transactions. With this SMS ConneXion CONNECTOR you can quickly define integration points to send SMS on new user registration, confirmation for password recovery, purchase orders, payment receipt, order shipping and more…
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* price includes free SMS credits
SMS ConneXion® Overview

Knowledge Base

Learn how to configure Solar Winds NPM, a network monitoring tool to notify critical alerts via SMS in real-time.

Read further for details.

SMS ConneXion® is a platform, which harnesses the power of SMS in an architecture that allows you to rapidly deploy text messaging capability to your existing systems, websites, applications, hardware equipment and electronic devices. It represents the strongest corporate end-to-end Text Messaging solution in the market today. SMS ConneXion enables organizations to provide two-way messaging facilities to their personnel and corporate information systems using existing messaging infrastructure and line of business applications. In short, the platform provides a fully scalable two-way end-to-end wireless solution for organizations of any size.


Off-the-shelf SMS applications.

GSM Gateway
Send and receive SMS using GSM modems or mobile phones installed at your premises.

SMS Desktop Application
Manage, send and receive messages from a desktop application.

SMS Web Application
Manage, send and receive messages from your web browser.

Developer API
Message enable your legacy software through our SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).


SMS-enable your enterprise apps.

Magento SMS
Integrates SMS alerts to trigger points like invoice creation and payment receipts in Magento.

vTiger SMS
Integrates SMS within vTiger to send bulk SMS to contacts or define SMS alerts in the process flow.


Plugins for SMS ConneXion.

SMS via Phone
Send group SMS to contacts in your web address book through your phone with a single SMS instruction.

Request a Sales Callback
Increase the conversion rate of website visitors through this website widget.

Email 2 SMS
Extends applications that support Email alerts, to auto-magically support SMS alerts.

SMS via GTalk
Send group SMS to contacts in your web address book through your GTalk ID.