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Origin: It is native to the exotic Mascarene Islands off the coast of Australia. Spindle palm Common name (fr.) Mar 17, 2019 - Spindle: New Kingdom Wood New Kingdom , Ramesside The Nineteenth Dynasty - The Twentieth Dynasty ca. Out of stock. General Information Common Name Palm Spindle Family Palmae Genus Hyophorbe Species verschaffeltii Cultivar Origin Mascarene Islands Category Palm Common Uses Specimen. The Shaper Origin is the world's first computer-assisted handheld router. The Spindle Palm’s crown consists of another swollen area in the base of its crownshaft. Along with Spindle Palm vs Bottle Palm Scientific Classification, Spindle Palm and Bottle Palm common name in other languages is also interesting to know. This palm is endemic to the Mascarene Islands, which are located to the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. In 1840 there were 13 Spindle families living in Virginia. : High Typical Height: 20′ OA (spindle palm) Toolbox. Another palm in the same family, the Spindle Palm, Hyophorbe verschafeltii, is more cold hardy and in our area performs much better. It is well-known for its unique spindle shaped trunk and beautiful v-shaped feathery leaves. This was about 59% of all the recorded Spindle's in the USA. They are fairly short with 8–10 leaves that are held somewhat erect. (Spindle Palm) Hyophorbe verschaffeltii is a palm native to Madagascar, it grows up to 6-7 m high. The Spindle Palm is fast growing, making it ideal for the tropical or frost-free subtropical garden, or as an attractive indoor specimen for a brightly lit spot. This palm makes a nice specimen plant because its trunk eventually grows in the shape of a spindle--hence the name. If the palm does survive a freeze, the next few emerging leaves are stunted. It works much like a traditional CNC, with X, Y and Z axes, but since it is handheld, with no table and gantry, it's both portable and exceptionally space-efficient for small shops. Invasive Species Where Threatened Mechanism References Notes; Aleurotrachelus atratus (palm-infesting whitefly) Réunion: Herbivory/grazing/browsing: … Description. + In this Photo: Hyophorbe verschaffeltii (Spindle Palm) 11' OA Height, 8' Canopy, 12" DBH, 8' O.C. Trunk is … [2] They are elegant looking and are prized for landscape in the tropical and semi-tropical areas of the world. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Top 35 Types of Palm Trees (with Pictures), 30 Reasons Your Palm Tree is Dying and How To Save It, Expert Advice: How To Water Palm Trees The Right Way, 10 Ways To Protect Palm Trees From Winter Freeze, How to Plant a Palm Tree In 15 Easy Steps (with Pictures), 17 Palm Tree Insects & Diseases and How To Treat Them, How To Fertilize Palm Trees: 5 Easy Steps, 6 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies In Palms. They do make good container plants that can be protected from a freeze. Uses include small specimen tree. The Spindle Palm Tree, scientific name Hyophorbe verschaffeltii or Hyophorbe verschafeltii, is an elegant looking palm that is perfect for a small landscape. Genus/ species Family Origin Uses Suitability for natural rainfall under Climate Change Foxtail palm, Woodyetia bifurcata Arecaceae Queensland Honey flora, ornament Yes Allamanda cathartica ‘Jamaica Sunset’ Apocynaceae South & Central America Ornament Yes, self seeds Dwarf … The bark and twigs are deep green, becoming darker with age, and have light brown, corky markings. The Spindle Palm has beautiful v-shaped leaves that are 8-10 feet in length. MEASUREMENTS; Height: x feet; Diameter: x inches; CHARACTERISTICS; Also known as the Miniature date palm. [1] There are only fifty or so specimens left in the wild, although its survival as a species is guaranteed due to ubiquitous cultivation in tropical areas of the planet. It is endemic to Rodrigues island, Mauritius, but is widely grown in cultivation. This palm-style air random orbital sander offers operator comfort with ergonomic palm shape and reduced vibration. 1500 sq. She would use all her strength to hold the wood steady. However the spindle palm's trunk starts to swell in the middle (assuming the shape of a spindle). The spindle palm is a true palm that may grow up to 25 feet in full sun conditions.

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