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    Can we forward incoming messages to a different set of managers, based on the sender’s mobile number E.g. If a SMS is received from 9820098200 or 9820198201 then the SMS should be forwarded to Manager A. Alternatively if the SMS is received from 9920099200 or 9920199201 the SMS should be forwarded to Manager B.

    The feature is required to have real-time communication between a sales team on the field and their reporting managers.


    I can think of two ways to achieve this.

    1. Create a sub keyword for each reporting manager e.g. m1, m2. Now when the sales executive sends a message to a short code, he should use the sub keyword in this format CHARAK M1 [message content] where CHARAK is the main keyword. In the web application under sub keyword configuration for M1 set a message rule to “Send a SMS” to the reporting manager. This method does not strictly route messages based on the incoming mobile number, but is a quick workaround to fulfill your requirement.

    2. In message rules, forward the incoming message to your URL. This URL will be called from SMS ConneXion when a message is received. You could now write your custom business logic to identify who you want to forward the message to based on the incoming number and then use the SMS ConneXion HTTP API to forward the message content to the reporting manager’s mobile number.

    However, your requirement may benefit other customers and we have submitted a feature request on your behalf to include in future versions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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