Email 2 SMS

Email 2 SMS is a service that allows you to send SMS from any email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunder Bird etc) or extend software (Network Monitoring Tools, Help Desk Software etc) that supports only email alerts to send SMS alerts.

Compose an email from your registered email address and send it to [mobile] e.g. The Email 2 SMS service relays the received email to the specified mobile number as a text message in your specified format and message size.

Email 2 SMS


* A SMS Web Application account is required to use Email 2 SMS.

Product Features

Email Account Setup
Register one or more email accounts within SMS ConneXion web application. After registering an email account, you can start using the service immediately from your email client. Compose an email from Gmail, Outlook, Thunder Bird or any other email client and send the email to [mobile] Send the message to multiple recipients by adding multiple email addresses in the To, Cc or Bcc of your email message.

Message Configuration
Customize your text message by combining simple text like ‘You have received a new message’ and content from the email like sender, subject, body or date. You can also choose to truncate your text message in order to limit the message to 160 characters, which is the maximum length allowed in a single SMS. If you do not want to truncate your text message, you will receive the complete message as a long SMS or multiple SMS.

Security Key
You can choose to have a security key to ensure safety against email spoofing attacks and unauthorized usage of your SMS ConneXion account and credits. You will also require the security key when you configure an automatic forward rule for your email account.

SMS Alerts from Software
Have you wanted to configure your software to send SMS alerts, only to find out that the software only supports sending Email alerts. Using the EMail 2 SMS service, you can now extend the functionality of your software that sends Email alerts to send SMS alerts. Configure the email recipient as [mobile] within your software and the Email 2 SMS service will relay the email as a text message to the specified mobile number. Extending your software to support SMS alerts could not be easier.

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Email Account Configuration

Message Configuration

Outlook Configuration