GSM Gateway

Manage, send and receive messages using GSM modems or GSM mobile phones installed at your premises. The GSM Gateway is scalable to manage up to 8 simultaneous modem connections to realize higher message throughput. The solution has a host of features that allow flexible message configuration, a web service interface for integration with legacy applications and is compatible with a wide range of GSM modem and phone models.

GSM Gateway


* Download the trial version of GSM Gateway and try it free for 30 days.

Product Features

Simultaneous modem connections
A single modem connected to the GSM gateway can send around 500 SMS per hour. You can increase the message throughput by connecting up to 8 modems to the gateway and realize a throughput of around 4000 SMS per hour. Modems connected to the computer are auto detected and the connection settings can be configured individually.

View modem connection status and signal strength
View the status of each modem connection with visual indicators. The status displays the signal strength to troubleshoot message transmission and reception problems.

Flexible message scheduler
Create flexible schedules to automatically send SMS on a specific day at a specific time, daily, weekly or monthly. The scheduler is capable of collating messages from MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle or Excel based on filtered conditions. E.g. birthday greeting messages or category-wise daily sales summary.

Message auto-responders
Automatically route incoming SMS to specific folders and send contextual automatic responder messages. Rules can be defined to intelligently create responses on the basis of keywords and the content of the incoming message.

SMS merge with different data sources
Create personalized SMS using the SMS merge wizard that can collate messages from any ODBC compliant data source e.g. CSV files, Excel, Access, Oracle and SQL Server. Message composition supports special characters and automatic insertion of signatures. Supports sending of SMS to any global mobile number.

Web service interface
Integrate with legacy systems and software systems using a simple web service interface or an XML file interface. Let your systems manage your business requirements and have SMS ConneXion cater to your messaging requirements.

Address book management
The GSM gateway has an in-built address book to manage contacts and organize them into multi-heiarchical groups. You can import contacts from external sources and export the address book to CSV files. When sending SMS, quickly select one or more contacts or groups as recipients from the address book, with an option to remove duplicate messages.

SMS folder management
Manage incoming and outgoing SMS in default folders or a custom defined folder hierarchy. Messages in folders display timestamps for creation, send and delivery time. The messages also display a delivery report against each message. Custom folders are useful in organizing your messages and report creation. Messages can also be exported to a CSV file.

Manage SMS templates
Create pre-defined message templates that are frequently used and access them with a single click when composing a message.

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View modem status & signal

Manage modem connections

Manage SMS & folders

Configure a message rule

Configure a schedule

Compatible Phones

The list of GSM phones & modems shown below have passed the compatibility test with GSM Gateway. We are in a continuous process of adding more devices to this list. If you do not find your phone or modem in the list below, it does not mean that it is not supported by SMS ConneXion. In order to make sure that your phone is compatible with SMS ConneXion, please contact us with the manufacturer and model number of the device or just download the trial version and test it for yourself.

GSM mobile phones

Nokia 3230Nokia 6020Nokia 6070Nokia 6233Nokia 6610iNokia 6630Nokia 7610Nokia 9300Nokia E62SE K300

SE S700SE W200SE Z600SE Z610

GSM modems

Nokia 32Nokia 30Nokia 12Simado GDT11Visiontek 82gmVisiontek 81gcTmodem