Request a Sales Callback

Request a Sales Callback is a website widget that transforms your website to a lead generation tool. Paste a few lines of HTML code on your website and immediately start converting website visitors to potential customers. The widget captures the mobile number from the visitor and sends a SMS to the sales team who can then respond to the request immediately resulting in quick response times to sales enquiries. Moreover it provides your prospective customers 24×7 access to the sales team. Integrate the widget with a dialer system to provide a click-to-call action between your sales team and the website visitor.

Request a Sales Callback


* A SMS Web Application account is required to use Request a Sales Callback.

Product Features

Message Configuration & Routing
Configure a response message for website visitors and a separate intimation message for your sales team. You can also define a routing rule based on the incoming number. E.g. If an enquiry is from a Delhi mobile number, it will be sent to the sales team in Delhi or if the enquiry is from a Mumbai mobile number, the intimation will be sent to the sales team in Mumbai. This allows routing of leads to regional sales team making the follow-up process even more efficient.

Customized Look and Feel
The widget look and feel can be customized to match your corporate identity. Complete flexibility in changing the content, the colors and the size blends the widget in to your website design and aesthetics.

Leads in Address Book
Every enquiry generated from the website can be configured to automatically create a contact in your SMS ConneXion web application address book. A detailed report of all requests are maintained online and can be downloaded to your desktop for offline processing or follow-ups.

Integrate with CRM or Dialer
You can configure to send the information to an external CRM in real-time for a seamless lead conversion process. Alternatively, you may also configure the application to forward the enquiry to a dialer which will then automatically patch a call to the visitor and a member of your sales team, effectively providing a click-to-call action.

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