SMS Desktop Application

Manage, send and receive messages from an offline SMS Desktop Application that connects to your online SMS ConneXion account. The desktop application facilitates automatic creation of personalized SMS from your local database, create complex schedules and intelligent message rules to automatically respond to incoming SMS.

The desktop application can either be installed in a stand-alone mode or a client-server mode. The solution serves as a messaging server installed at your premises and provides an XML File API for integration with custom software.

SMS Desktop Application


* Download the free version of SMS Desktop Application.

Product Features

High message throughput
The SMS desktop application is capable of delivering SMS at a high throughput of 5000 SMS per minute. Messages are delivered instantly to 800+ operators across the globe. You can upload bulk messages imported from an Excel or CSV file which are then relayed to our online servers using compression and de-duplication techniques to provide higher message throughputs.

View gateway connection status and credit balance
View the connectivity status to our online gateways with visual indicators. The status indicator makes it easier to troubleshoot message transmission and reception problems. You can also view your current credit balance which is updated in real-time.

Flexible message scheduler
Create flexible schedules to automatically send SMS on a specific day at a specific time, daily, weekly or monthly. The scheduler is capable of collating messages from MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle or Excel based on filtered conditions. E.g. birthday greeting messages or category-wise daily sales summary.

Message auto-responders
Automatically route incoming SMS to specific folders and send contextual automatic responder messages. Rules can be defined to intelligently create responses on the basis of keywords and the content of the incoming message. You can also forward the incoming SMS to other mobile numbers, forward the incoming SMS as an email or initiate custom scripts on incoming messages.

SMS merge with different data sources
Create personalized SMS using the SMS merge wizard that can collate messages from any ODBC compliant data source e.g. CSV files, Excel, Access, Oracle and SQL Server. Message composition supports special characters and automatic insertion of signatures. Supports sending of SMS to any global mobile number.

Messaging API
Integrate with legacy systems and software systems using an XML File API interface. Let your systems manage your business requirements and have SMS ConneXion cater to your messaging requirements. You can download the detailed documentation and samples from the Downloads section.

Address book management
The SMS Desktop Application has an in-built address book to manage contacts and organize them into multi-heiarchical groups. You can import contacts from external sources and export the address book to CSV files. When sending SMS, quickly select one or more contacts or groups as recipients from the address book, with an option to remove duplicate messages.

SMS folder management
Manage incoming and outgoing SMS in default folders or a custom defined folder hierarchy. Messages in folders display timestamps for creation, send and delivery time. The messages also display a delivery report against each message. Custom folders are useful in organizing your messages and report creation. Messages can also be exported to a CSV file.

Manage SMS templates
Create pre-defined message templates that are frequently used and access them within the message composition screen and message schedule screen.

Security & Permissions
Create multiple users and manage user permissions to authorize system operations. You can also set authorizations for message and folder operations to restrict access to copying, exporting or deleting message logs.

Multiple deployment modes
The application can be installed in multiple modes i.e. Stand-Alone or Client-Server. The stand-alone mode is suited for single machine deployments and the client-server mode is suited for large organizations that want to centralize messaging and install clients on multiple machines. A simple wizard guides you through the setup and configuration of these modes. You can also download the installation manual, which is a step-by-step guide and provides solutions to common installation issues.

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Manage SMS & folders

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Configure a schedule

Manage users and permissions

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