vTiger SMS

vTiger SMS is an extension that integrates with the SMS Notifier module available in vTiger CRM. The extension provides the capability of sending SMS to leads, contacts or accounts defined in the CRM. It also integrates into custom workflows within vTiger by way of defining a SMS task. Corporates can now seamlessly extend their vTiger CRM deployments to communicate via SMS as part of their sales and customer relationship strategy. The extension is compatible with versions vTiger 5.2 and above.

vTiger SMS


* Compatible with vTiger 5.2 and above
Product Features

Native vTiger Extension
The vTiger SMS Extension is built as a custom SMS Provider implementing the ISMSProvider interface defined by vTiger extending the CRM’s capabilities to communicate via SMS.

Account Configuration
The SMS ConneXion account details can be configured via the Server Configuration page under Module Manager > SMS Notifier. You can fill in the account credentials, an optional From and the License Key to complete your extension configuration within vTiger. Once the account is configured and activated, you can immediately start sending text messages from the message composition screens available in vTiger.

Compose Message
You can send bulk SMS from the list view of Leads, Contacts or Organizations by selecting the desired records and click Send SMS. Alternatively, you can navigate to the detail of an entity i.e Lead or Contact and send a SMS to that entity. When composing a message, the character count is displayed to control additional costs incurred in sending text messages above 160 characters. On sending the message, you can choose one or more fields which contain the recipient’s mobile number, providing flexibility in how you store the mobile numbers.

SMS Task in Workflow
When defining a workflow within vTiger, you are presented with a SMS Task that can be used within the workflow. The SMS Task can be triggered at various points in the sales cycle and the message content can be configured in context of the process triggering the workflow. E.g. You could send customer portal credentials in the Welcome SMS alert to a new customer.

Message Logs and Delivery Status
Every message sent from vTiger is maintained in a log and can be viewed in SMS Notifier. An option is also provided to check the delivery status of the message. Visual indications in the form of different background colors for the various states (Processing, Dispatched, Delivered and Failed) of a message make it easy to identify the message status.

vTiger Compatibility
The extension is compatible with versions vTiger 5.2 and above. The extension is a custom implementation of the vTiger ISMSProvider and would inherently support higher version releases of vTiger.

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Configure SMS Provider

Compose SMS

Workflow SMS Task

SMS Status