How to configure SMS alerts in SolarWinds NPM

SMS alerts from SolarWinds NPMThe IT management software suite developed by SolarWinds Inc, provide alert notifications triggered by configuring events and these alerts are primarily delivered through e-mail. In today’s business environment, where a quick & proactive response differentiates your service levels from the competition, e-mail may not be the fastest communication channel. The preferred communication medium is SMS (text messages), considering the fact that all mobile phones support text messages and the time in which you read & react to a text message is lesser than reading & reacting to an e-mail.

The software suite for SolarWinds NPM (Network Performance Monitoring) includes a flexible alert management tool, that allows you to configure alerts and actions on these alerts. There are two such tools available i.e. Basic Alert Manager and Advanced Alert Manager. In this post, I will show you the different ways in which you can configure SMS alert notifications using the Basic Alert Manager. The flexibility in defining actions within the tool gives us various choices on how to configure these text message notifications based on your requirement. Going through the list of actions available in the Basic Alert Manager, I can think of 3 ways in which SMS alert notifications can be configured. The rest of this article explains the configuration settings in sufficient detail to start receiving your notifications on mobile.

Launch the Basic Alert Manager and click ‘Configure Alerts’ in the View menu. The screen shows you a list of available alerts that can be configured. Select the alert for which you want to configure a SMS notification and click on Edit Alert. Select the Actions tab and click on ‘Add Alert Action’. This will bring up a comprehensive list of actions that can be configured for the alert. From this list of actions, we could use any of the 3 actions to send a SMS notification.
1. Send an E-Mail / Page
2. Dial Paging or SMS service
3. Get or Post a URL to a Web Server

SolarWinds Alert Actions

Send an E-Mail / Page

This action can be used to send a SMS, if you have a registration with a SMS service provider who provides an E-Mail to SMS or SMTP to SMS service. If you have availed of such a service, you only need to put in the e-mail address in the format [mobile] e.g. The domain would be provided by your SMS service provider. The SMS service provider in this case relays all incoming mails to the mobile number specified in the recipient e-mail address.

SolarWinds Email 2 SMS

SMS ConneXion provides an E-Mail to SMS (SMTP to SMS) service. For further details on this service click here

Dial Paging or SMS service

This action is available only if you have installed NotePager. The mode of sending SMS needs to be configured in NotePager which supports multiple devices and protocols like SMTP, SNPP and WCTP. It allows you to send messages via a Modem or the Internet. You could connect a GSM modem to the computer on which NotePager is installed and start using this action. However, sending SMS via GSM modems have their limitations in speed.

SolarWinds SMS Paging

SMS ConneXion provides a GSM Gateway solution which can be integrated in SolarWinds NPM using actions like ‘Execute an external program’ or ‘Execute an external VB Script’. For further details on the GSM Gateway click here.

Get or Post a URL to a Web Server

This action can be used if your SMS service provider provides you with an HTTP API to send SMS from external programs. With this option you can compose your URL in the following format i.e. ${NodeName} has exceptionaly high response time. Average Response Time is ${AvgResponseTime} and is varying from ${MinResponseTime} to ${MaxResponseTime}.&phone=919820077777

Note: The URL will change depending on your SMS service provider’s HTTP API details.

SolarWinds HTTP API

SMS ConneXion provides a comprehensive HTTP API to allow external applications to send SMS from their native screens. For further details on the API click here

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