Messaging Solutions

Our solutions cater to messaging requirements for personal users, small & medium enterprises and large enterprises. We provide messaging infrastructure, gateway connectivity, software tools and application integration to empower you with a reliable communication channel that deliver SMS instantly to a global audience. Our experience in messaging encompass business & technology solutions and spans industry verticals.

Why choose SMS ConneXion?

  • Throughput of 12000 SMS per minute
  • Receive SMS via short code or long code
  • Global network coverage
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems
  • Real time delivery reports
  • Platform agnostic Developer API
  • Solutions catering to any organizational size
  • 2-way SMS on Web gateway or GSM modem
  • 24 x 7 service monitoring
  • Off-the-shelf XAPPS & CONNECTORS

Business Case Study

Daily sales reporting via SMS

Planet M Retail Ltd now sends daily sales revenue updates to its employees via SMS ConneXion integrated with Retail Pro Server. Senior managers at various levels across the organization receive region and category sales figures at 8 AM every morning empowering them with reliable business knowledge.

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Business Solutions

Business solutions in messaging are largely applied to mobile marketing, mobile workforce solutions and mobile commerce.
Mobile Marketing
With the exponential growth of mobile users over landline and Internet users you need to incorporate mobile marketing as an integral part of your marketing plans. Our messaging solutions can assist you in sales, service, marketing and partner processes.

Mobile Workforce
Work-From-Home is now a reality. The future is Work-On-The-Go. Extend the convenience of Work-On-The-Go to your workforce through our messaging solutions. Mobilise your workforce and increase operational efficiency in your organisation.

Mobile Commerce
Boost your revenue by expanding your business availability by empowering your customers with mobile commerce solutions. Reach out to your customers across geographical boundaries with our messaging solutions and give them a rich service experience through transaction alerts and notifications.

Technology Solutions

2-way SMS on both Web gateway and GSM modem technology provide flexible solutions to innovative messaging and M2M requirements.
Bulk SMS (Push Technology)
Push Technology well known as Bulk SMS is a method of sending thousands of SMS at the click of a button. The only way to get in touch with thousands of mobile users in seconds is by mobile messaging. As of today, there is no other technology that can achieve the same. What’s more !!! You can have your message display your company name as the sender (instead of a mobile number).

Short codes & Keywords (Pull Technology)
Pull Technology is a method of receiving high volumes of SMS from mobile users. A short code is a 5 digit number (code) to which the mobile user can send messages. e.g. 56161 A keyword is the first word in the message that the user types. e.g. BAL 110987126. In the example, BAL is the keyword which identifies the organisation to which the SMS should be routed. Our messaging solutions deliver messages from the customer’s mobile phone to your office mailbox or software systems.

Medium codes & Long codes
Medium codes and long codes are not very different from short codes. It allows you to receive SMS which can then be further processed by pre-defined message rules. Medium codes are generally 6, 7 or 8 digits in length and long codes are 10 digits in length. In comparison, short codes with 5 digits have a better recall value and are generally used to generate responses to TV, radio, and OOH marketing campaigns.

Interactive SMS
Interactive SMS is a combination of push and pull technology to create an interactive experience for the user. You receive an SMS through pull mechanisms and respond with a push SMS based on the message that you receive. Interactive SMS are used in SMS games, banking transactions, airline bookings etc. Innovative interactive SMS solutions can be designed for creative marketing campaigns and automate corporate processes.

GSM modem
A GSM modem solution is an on-premise SMS solution with no dependancy on web gateways for SMS routing to the mobile users. A GSM modem is an alternate to a mobile phone and has no display screen. Our solutions can scale up to a 8 GSM modem bank to increase SMS throughput and allow wizard based integration with legacy applications.

Industry Solutions

Messaging solutions have found their applications across various industries and proven very beneficial for these industry verticals.
Over the years, at SMS ConneXion, we have reputed experience in delivering reliable messaging solutions to a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that we have serviced are presented in more detail on our blogs and case studies. A comprehensive list of industries that have adopted messaging solutions in their business processes are listed below.

Manufacturers, Workshops, Motor Insurance and Surveryors

Social, Business Networking, Sports, Religion, Education

Real Estate Developers, Brokers, Infrastructure Developers, Real Estate Portals

Consumer Goods
FMCG, Retail, Distributors, Shopping Malls

Schools, Graduation & Post Graduation Colleges, University, Coaching Classes

Chemical, Electrical, Oil & Petrol, Natural Resources

Music, Cinema, Multiplex

Financial Services
Banking, Stock Market, Commodity, Asset Management, Mutual Funds, Forex

Police, Muncipality, Election Campaigns, Agriculture, Disaster Management

Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs & Discos, Travels, Tourism, Airlines

Life, Health, Motor, Fire, General, Medical

Advertising & Branding, Print Media, Radio, TV, Online Media, OOH Media

Hospitals, Clinics, Blood Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical

BPO & ITES, Contact Centers, IT & Telecom, Placement Consultants, Logistics, Event Management

Fan Clubs, Scores, Tickets, News & Magazines, Clubs & Gymkhanas