SMS Web Application

You can now manage, send and receive SMS from your online account with any web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari). No software installation, ZERO CAPEX, pay only for your SMS usage and access your account from anywhere, anytime.

SMS Web Application comes with a rich and friendly user interface which is highly extensible through our developer API and plugin framework. You can send thousands of messages per minute, globally and view the message status in real-time. Register now and get access to free tools and credits to get you started within minutes.

SMS Web Application


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Product Features

Global network coverage (800+ operators)
Send SMS instantly to 800+ operators across the globe through direct connectivity with telecom operators. We maintain connectivity with multiple telecom operators to ensure high message throughput and maximum service availability through backup routes.

Free SMS tools
Get instant access to a host of free SMS tools like the SMS Desktop application, Email 2 SMS, SMS via GTalk and SMS via Phone. These free tools give you the advantage of offline messaging and convenience to send messages from your favorite applications like an email client or an instant messenger. Explore the list of Xapps(plugins) and Connectors in our Products section for a complete list of free tools.

High message throughput
Our gateways use SMPP and SS7 connectivity to deliver high message throughput. We generally deliver messages at speeds of 5000 SMS per minute. However, we also cater to higher speeds for campaign requests by using parallel connectivity to telecom operators.

Schedule your messages
Create messages and send them instantly or set a scheduled date and time when you want these messages to be sent. The schedules are created online and does not require your computer to be switched on, for the scheduler to activate and send the SMS.

Receive messages and configure auto-responders
Receive messages on short codes or a dedicated mobile number. You can also configure dynamic responses to the incoming message and set additional message rules post the receipt of the SMS. E.g. Send a notification to a CRM for lead capture.

SMS merge and import using CSV & Excel files
Create personalized SMS using the SMS merge wizard that can collate messages from CSV and Excel files. Message composition supports special characters and automatic insertion of signatures. The simple wizard intelligently maps columns and has a preview screen, to verify your messages before sending the SMS.

Address book management
The web application has an in-built address book to manage contacts and organize them into multi-heiarchical groups. You can import contacts from external sources and export the address book to CSV files. When sending SMS, quickly select one or more contacts or groups as recipients from the address book, with an option to remove duplicate messages.

SMS folder management
Manage incoming and outgoing SMS in default folders or a custom defined folder hierarchy. Messages in folders display timestamps for creation, send and delivery time. The messages also display a delivery report against each message. Custom folders are useful in organizing your messages and report creation. Messages can also be exported to a CSV file.

Manage SMS templates
Create pre-defined message templates that are frequently used and access them with a single click when composing a message.

User management with permissions based security
Delegate work based on user permissions and restrict access to functionality within the web gateway by creating users and assigning permissions to features within the application. Prevent intentional or unintentional access to confidential contact and message information using the security console.

Unicode SMS
Send messages in your local language using Unicode SMS and give your customers the personal touch in business.

Purchase and manage credits online
Refill or purchase credits, Xapps and Connectors online and realize your purchase instantly.

View detailed and summary usage reports
View delivery reports online against each message or access historic reports that show your usage summary and details of every message sent. You have access to a host of MIS reports that assist you with decision making and analysis of your campaigns or usage.

Developer API (Connectors)
Integrate with legacy systems and software systems using developer API’s. We have a web service API and an XML API that allows you to send and receive SMS through our gateways. You can use any programming language to integrate the API with our gateway. We have created a few sample applications in different programming languages to assist you in using the API. Sample applications and API documentation can be downloaded here.

Plugin framework (Xapps)
Extend the capabilities of SMS ConneXion beyond vanilla messaging with our plugin framework. The web application hosts a plugin framework with messaging capabilities, access to address book and licensing capabilities. Developers can extend the framework to create innovative applications around messaging and sell their plugins to our wide customer base. Documentation for the plugin framework can be downloaded here.

Branding capabilities
Corporates can give their branches or franchisee a custom url like or and have their own branding i.e. logo and theme. You can also budget your SMS credits and have complete control over credit transfers to these branches / franchises.

Reseller panel with white-labeling
Access the reseller panel to manage customers and setup a messaging business in your local area & business domain. We take care of the technology, leaving you to concentrate on the business. The panel allows you to white label the application with your logo, text, theme and descriptions.

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Message templates

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Configure a message rule

New contact

Multi level folders

Manage users and security


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